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Home Health Services

Home health care encompasses a range of services such as skilled nursing, wound care, chronic disease management, rehabilitation (physical, occupational and speech therapy) and related services. Home health care allows patients to receive high-quality healthcare services which relative to their needs are comparable to the quality of care a hospital could provide. Keeping the patient at home instead of inside a hospital for four, six or ten weeks (however much time is needed to resolve the medical issue requiring home health care in the first place).

Home health agencies play a vital role in America’s and Louisiana’s healthcare systems by reducing or eliminating the costs associated with hospitalization that would have otherwise been incurred had home health not been ordered. In essence a home health care agency’s job is to help their patients get better, but also make sure to do so without any major setbacks that would necessitate emergency room admittance.

Home health care sends skilled medical professionals like registered nurses, physical and occupational therapists into the home of the patient, treat the patient inside the patient’s own home and save the patient and any/all third-party payment services like health insurance companies, Medicare, Medicaid, and the Veterans Administration (health insurance for military personnel) massive amounts of money by performing the services in the patient’s home as opposed to an emergency room.