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This is the category page for those home health companies with office locations in Metairie, Louisiana. Therefore, this is the primary category for business listings in this directory. While there will be some companies listed here whose offices are located in New Orleans, East Jefferson, or the surrounding areas; the majority of companies listed on this site will fall within this category. Ultimately, any home health care agency whose service area (defined as a 50-mile radius extending in any direction from the address listed on the company’s license) includes all or part of Metairie, will be welcome and encouraged to create a listing in this directory on this website.

  • Red River Home Health Care, Inc

    Tweet Red River Home Health Care, Inc is a home health care company whose mailing address is in Metairie, LA. Red River Home Health Care is a relatively small agency, with approximately only three known employees. Not much is known about this organization at this time. We welcome a representative from the company to fill in all the listing information we were unable to find.

  • Visiting Nurses Agency of Greater New Orleans

    Tweet Visiting Nurses Agency of Greater New Orleans According to CiteHealth, Visiting Nurses Association of Greater New Orleans is a non-profit home care agency based in Metairie, Louisiana. Visiting Nurses Association of Greater New Orleans offers the following healthcare services: nursing care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, medical social, and home health aide services. Another website claims that this agency is “currently under financial and staffing review.” The agency has addresses listed at both 4300 South I-10 Service Road, Suite 102 in Metairie, LA, 70001, as well as at 110 Veterans Blvd in Metairie, LA, 70005. A third address is listed at 101 W. Robert E Lee Blvd #300, New Orleans, LA, 70124.