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This is the category page for home care businesses located inside New Orleans city limits, but which also service the city of Metairie.

While the central focus of this website and directory is on home health care companies located in Metairie, the reality is that many, many companies in surrounding cities such as New Orleans service the Metairie area. As the goal of this site is to provide every option available to Metairie residents, we have included categories such as this one for New Orleans where businesses that may not technically be located in Metairie but which service Metairie patients.

Each home health care license entitles the recipient of said license to provide service to patients within a 50 mile radius surrounding the address listed on the license, so there will inevitably be some overlap involving companies in the greater New Orleans area and even on the Northshore that provide service within Metairie.

This is the category page for those such companies whose address falls within New Orleans city limits.

  • EGAN Home Health Care

    Tweet EGAN Home Health and Hospice EGAN Home Health Care and Hospice has been southeast Louisiana’s premiere provider of home health care services since 1988. EGAN –specializes in home health care, skilled nursing, wound care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, pediatric care, private-duty sitting, medical staffing, home health aids and hospice care. EGAN has nine office locations across southeast Louisiana and services the entire southeast portion of the state. The complete list of EGAN Home Health and Hospice locations is as follows: Metairie / New Orleans Area LaPlace Franklinton Bogalusa Westbank (Gretna / Terrytown) Ponchatoula Baton Rouge / Gonzales Plaquemines / Port Sulphur Area Covington (Northshore Area)   Services offered by EGAN Home Health and Hospice include: Home Health Care Hospice Care Private Duty Home Care Home Health Aids Medical Staffing Skilled Nursing Wound Care Occupational Therapy Physical Therapy Speech Therapy Read more [...]


    Discover the Natural Beauty of Peru

    Tweet Travelling isan activity that fills your heart and soul with utter excitement while exploring an unknown place. Everyone around you probably keeps talking about travelling somewhere. They are right mentioning that when you travel, you not only explore many hidden beauties of Earth but you also give your body a healthy treat by detaching yourself from your daily life. So, do you like traveling? If not then just take a deep breath and soak yourself in the beauty of Peru. Yes, Peru, though there are various other beautiful spots around the world about which you might have read on the internet blogs. Nonetheless Peru is an exotic place that unfolds its various attractions the moment you arrive there. Sharing its boundaries with Colombia and Brazil, Peru is immensely known for its tropical touch. So, if you want to explore Read more [...]


    How Physiotherapy Treatment Can Help You in Regaining Overall Wellness?

    Tweet Physiotherapy accumulates a lot of benefits that can lead you to the path of complete wellness. It can truly improve your quality of life by eliminating the limitation of movement. No short-term medication or anti-inflammatory ointments give you lasting effect just like physiotherapy Mississauga treatment does. If you have recently been through sports-related or any kind of accidental events then without taking much time, get yourself treated with one-stop physiotherapy treatments ASAP. Its manual therapy techniques and therapeutic exercises helps you to get rid of pain and stiffness in your body and thus, allowing you to perform your day-to-day activities seamlessly. A lot of platforms these days have come forward to offer home-based physiotherapy options to the patients so that they would not feel any sort of discomfort or inconvenience while going to the clinic. Thus, a lot of Read more [...]


    In-Depth Interview Basics

    Tweet In our last blog, we discussed the basics of focus groups. In this blog we’ll focus on in-depth interviews, another research methodology commonly used by qualitative research consultant. Focus groups are small groups comprised of six to 12 study participants. In-depth interviews are limited to one participant and a moderator and because the moderator doesn’t need to split his/her attention amongst a larger group, the conversation can go deeper. In-depth interviews can be carried in three ways: · Face-to-Face · Online · Telephone or video call Commonly, in-depth interviews are conducted over the phone or by video call, as it keeps expenses down and is just as effective as being in-person. Scheduling in-depth interviews by phone is also a preferred way to connect with busy experts, consultants, professionals, and senior executives. Market researchers commonly interviewprospects, customers,product users, executives, and Read more [...]


    Consider Fascial Stretch Treatment to Experience Best Results and Benefits

    Tweet Staying healthy and fit is really indispensable so as to sustain in a hectic and competitive world. When it comes to physical fitness, many factors have a vital role to play. In order to stay fit and fine, you must ensure that your body functions good both internally and externally. And to achieve this, you must consider treatments like a fascial stretch which is used to improve the functional properties of muscular connective tissues in your body such as ligaments, tendons, joint capsules, and muscular envelopes. A fascial stretch therapy not only targets the muscles but focuses on fascia- a connective tissue that surrounds bones, joints, and muscles. This type of therapy is quite beneficial for athletes in order to enhance their body functioning and stamina. A fascial stretch can aid you to experience enormous health benefits that we Read more [...]

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