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New Orleans Home Health Agencies

This is the category page for home care businesses located inside New Orleans city limits, but which also service the city of Metairie.

While the central focus of this website and directory is on home health care companies located in Metairie, the reality is that many, many companies in surrounding cities such as New Orleans service the Metairie area. As the goal of this site is to provide every option available to Metairie residents, we have included categories such as this one for New Orleans where businesses that may not technically be located in Metairie but which service Metairie patients.

Each home health care license entitles the recipient of said license to provide service to patients within a 50 mile radius surrounding the address listed on the license, so there will inevitably be some overlap involving companies in the greater New Orleans area and even on the Northshore that provide service within Metairie.

This is the category page for those such companies whose address falls within New Orleans city limits.

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