How to Connect Fitbit App to Apple Health?

Learn how to connect your Fitbit app to Apple Health, and get tips on how to make the most of your data.

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The Fitbit app is a great way to keep track of your fitness and activity levels, but did you know that you can also use it to connect to Apple Health? This means that you can track all of your health data in one place, and use the Health app to get a more holistic view of your overall fitness.

In order to connect the Fitbit app to Apple Health, you will need to have the latest version of iOS installed on your iPhone. Once you have updated your iPhone, open the Fitbit app and tap on the ‘Account’ tab at the bottom of the screen. Then, tap on ‘Advanced Settings’ and scroll down until you see the ‘Apple Health’ section.

What is Fitbit?

Fitbit is a company that produces fitness trackers and other wearable devices. The Fitbit app is an app that helps you track your fitness and activity levels. The app also has a social component, where you can connect with friends and family who also use Fitbit devices. The app can be used on its own, or in conjunction with a Fitbit device.

What is Apple Health?

Apple Health is a health and fitness app that comes pre-installed on every iPhone. The app allows users to track their daily activity, weight, and sleep, as well as their overall fitness. Fitbit is a popular fitness tracker that can be used with the Apple Health app to track your daily activity and progress. In order to connect Fitbit to Apple Health, you will need to download the Fitbit app from the App Store and sign in with your Fitbit account. Once you have signed in, you will be able to select which data you would like to sync between the two apps.

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How to connect Fitbit to Apple Health?

If you’ve recently switched from an iPhone to an Android phone, you may be wondering how to connect your Fitbit to Apple Health. Here’s a quick guide on how to do it.

1. open the Fitbit app
2. tap the Today tab > your profile picture > Advanced Settings
3. tap Privacy > Sharing Data with Other Apps and select Apple Health
4. toggle Allow All day Sync on or off

The benefits of connecting Fitbit to Apple Health

If you have a Fitbit and an iPhone, you may be wondering if you should connect the two. After all, they are both designed to help you improve your health and fitness. Here are some of the benefits of connecting Fitbit to Apple Health:

1. You’ll be able to view all your health data in one place.
2. Apple Health can provide motivation to keep active, by sending you reminders and tracking your progress over time.
3. Connecting Fitbit to Apple Health can help you better understand how your diet and exercise impact your overall health.
4. If you have friends or family who also use Apple Health, you can compare progress and compete against each other to stay motivated.
5. You can set goals in Apple Health and see how close you are to achieving them in the Fitbit app.

To connect Fitbit to Apple Health, open the Fitbit app on your iPhone and tap the account icon in the top-right corner. Then, select “Settings” > “Apps & Devices” > “Apple Health.” Turn on the switch next to “Allow All Data.”

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How to use Fitbit with Apple Health

If you have a Fitbit Charge 2, Blaze, Surge, Versa, Ionic, or an Ace tracker, you can sync your Fitbit data with Apple Health. That way you can view all your health and fitness data in one place. Here’s how to connect Fitbit and Apple Health:

1. Tap the Today tab , then tap your profile picture > Advanced Settings.
2. Turn on Fitness Syncing > then tap Sync Now.
3. If you don’t see the Fitness Syncing option, it means that your tracker isn’t syncing with Apple Health. For more help, contact Customer Support.

Tips for using Fitbit with Apple Health

Here are a few tips to get the most out of using Fitbit with Apple Health:

1. Make sure your iPhone is running iOS 8 or higher and that you have the latest version of the Fitbit app installed.

2. Open the Fitbit app and tap the Today tab > your profile picture > Advanced Settings > Applications, then make sure the Apple Health switch is turned on.

3. To start tracking your steps, distance, and other activity data with Apple Health, open the Apple Health app and tap Sources > Fitness > Turn All Categories On.

4. By default, data from Fitbit is saved in both apps, but you can change this setting by going to the Advanced Settings menu in the Fitbit app and tapping Applications > Apple Health > Data stored in Apple Health.


Apple health does not currently support the syncing of data with the Fitbit app. This means that if you are using an Apple device, you will not be able to view your Fitbit data in the Apple Health app. However, there are a few troubleshooting steps that you can try in order to connect the two apps:

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-First, make sure that both the Fitbit app and the Apple Health app are up-to-date. To do this, go to the App Store and check for updates.

-Second, try restarting your Apple device. This can often resolve minor software glitches that may be preventing the apps from communicating with each other.

-Third, try uninstalling and then reinstalling both the Fitbit app and the Apple Health app. This will delete any corrupt files that may be causing the issue and allow you to start fresh with a new installation.

If you are still having trouble connecting your Fitbit app to Apple Health, you may need to reach out to customer support for assistance.


Q: How do I connect the Fitbit app to Apple Health?

A: You can connect the Fitbit app to Apple Health by going to the app’s Settings > Privacy > Fitness Tracking and turning on the “Share workouts with Apple Health” option. Once you’ve done that, all of your Fitbit data will be synced with Apple Health.


After you have completed the process of connecting your Fitbit account to the Apple Health app, you will be able to see your Fitbit data in the Health app along with all of your other health data. This process is simple and only takes a few minutes to complete.

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